Video & Multimedia


Video and Multimedia

Teachers and students use a variety of tools to create video and multimedia content on their mobile devices or computers. Video content can be uploaded directly to an RVS Google Drive account or an RVS YouTube Channel for private or public viewing. Videos uploaded to YouTube and Google Drive can also be embedded into other sites like Moodle, Plone or WordPress.

Common uses for online video include sharing student video projects among students, teachers and parents, sharing promotional videos with the public, posting lessons and tutorials for "flipped", blended or online courses, sharing presentations and lectures, and sharing digital documentation of teaching and learning among colleagues.

Technical Requirements

Teachers and students can upload video directly to their RVS Google Drive accounts from computers or mobile devices. Teachers may also curate and upload videos on their own RVS YouTube Channels (not available for students).

Accounts & Passwords

All RVS teachers and students can share video using their RVSchools Google Accounts with their @rvschools email and password. RVS Teachers may also create an RVS YouTube Channel through their RVSchools Google Accounts.

Security & Privacy Information

Google Drive is the best place for students and teachers to upload and share videos privately or among select groups of people. An RVS YouTube Channel is the best choice for posting videos intended for public viewing. Please ensure that you have all appropriate rights to video content you upload to YouTube and that videos shown publicly that feature students or their work conforms to the RVS Student Digital Publishing Guidelines and the Use of Student Images/Work on the Internet Procedures.

Contact Person

  • Rick Gaudio • RVS Multimedia Specialist • (403) 945-4123

Links & Resources

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