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Plone is a free and open source content management system that houses RVS' corporate website ( and all school public and intranet websites. Plone lets non-technical people create and maintain information using only a web browser. Plone offers superior security without sacrificing extensibility or ease of use. Plone is primarily a place to store and publish information; it is not a teaching tool.

Technical Requirements

When editing pages/files/folders in Plone the following browsers are recommended. Always ensure your browser is up to date.

  • Firefox
  • Safari

Accounts & Passwords

School Websites: School technologists, and/or the school webmaster manage Plone user accounts.

Corporate Website: Joyce McCoy is in charge of Plone user accounts.

Security & Privacy Information

School websites have a very functional workflow that allows publishing of items in various states for specific audiences:

  • Private - Visible only to the creator (and any administrator on the website)
  • Internal - Visible only to those users specified in the sharing tab.
  • Members - Visible to any user logged into the website
  • Public - Visible to anyone that visits the website.

Contact Person

  • Corporate Website Support - Angela Spanier, Communications Director, Email (403)945-4012
  • User Names and Passwords for the Education Centre - Sarina Carelli - Email (403)945-4219
  • Technical Requests - Service Desk, Email (403)945-4145

Links & Resources

RVS School Website Links
Links to all school websites can be found here.
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