A blogging, sharing and learning tool.

WordPress for Blogging, Informing, Communicating and Learning

WordPress is a publishing platform that began as a blogging platform but evolved to include a wide range of content management capabilities. It can be used for group blogs for a class project, to communicate details of an upcoming field trip to parents, to keep students on track with assignments and deadlines and much more. The sites and individual pages can be password enabled to restrict access it necessary.

WordPress provides a wide variety of themes, including some designed with educators in mind.

Technical Requirements

Any updated browser on a computer or mobile device

Accounts & Passwords

Students and teachers access WordPress using their Google App's credentials. Students having difficulty should contact their school tech.  Staff should try the password reset tool. (https://pass.rockyview.ab.ca/pwm)

Students and teachers can be added to existing blogs manually by teachers after the user has logged into the WordPress server at the root address. Only existing users can be added to a sub site. All users can create their own blogs  on "CreativeBlogs"  ( http://creativeblogs.rockyview.ab.ca ) but must adhere to the posted Terms of Service. SchoolBlogs ( http://schoolblogs.rockyview.ab.ca ) can also be used but consultation with a learning specialist is needed prior to the creation of a site.

Individual student blogs that are designed for ongoing digital documentation can be accessed at MYblog (https://myblog.rockyview.ab.ca)


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Security & Privacy Information


This is a Rocky View Service that follows the procedures and guidelines outlined in the following attachment.

Student Digital Publishing Guidelines

All student created blog sites must have a teacher added as a user. Student sites without a teacher assigned may be deleted with out notification.

Student created blog sites will be deleted at the end of each school year unless they are identified and labeled as a student portfolio site. Contact the RVS learning specialist below to determine the appropriate naming convention prior to development.

Contact Person

Scott Mahan, Director of Technology for Learning, 403.945.4024

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