Parent Information

Bus safety is the responsibility of the bus driver, school bus passengers and their parents. Parents are asked to:

  • Check that your bus is on schedule by accessing the Bus Status app on your mobile device prior to sending your students to the stop. Have a backup plan in case the bus is delayed.
  • Prepare your student to arrive to the bus stop five minutes before their scheduled pick up time and ensure they have their bus pass ready for scanning.
  • Ensure your students are dressed appropriately for our changing weather conditions.
  • Provide the necessary supervision of your students when going to and coming home from the bus stop.
  • Remind your students of their responsibilities and appropriate behaviour as a safe school bus rider. Parents are responsible for any damage to a bus by their children.

Student Management Process

The bus driver or RVS' Transportation Department will contact parents if a problem arises with a child. If the problem is not resolved and the inappropriate behaviour continues Misconduct Reports will be filed with the school administrator. This process may be by-passed when a serious problem occurs requiring immediate attention. In such a situation, the school administrator will notify parents. In a case when a student's bus privileges have been suspended, parents become responsible for the transportation of the suspended student to and from school.

Parent/Guardian Concerns

If you have a concern with RVS' Transportation Services such as bus driver conduct, atmosphere on the bus, late buses, or stop locations, please complete our Parent Concern Form and forward it to:

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