Parent Information

Bus safety is the responsibility of the bus driver, school bus passengers and their parents. Specifically, parents are asked to:

  1. Ensure their children know and understand Student Passenger Responsibilities and Code of Conduct.
  2. Ensure their children are at the prearranged bus location 5 MINUTES PRIOR to the established pick-up time. Bus drivers will not wait for tardy students.
  3. Provide the necessary protection of your children when going to and from the bus stop.
  4. Inform the Transportation Department and bus driver of any severe medical issues your child may have, and what plan of action to follow in case of emergency.
  5. Accept the responsibility for the proper conduct of your children prior to boarding a bus, during daily trips and upon discharge.
  6. Parents will be responsible for any damage to a bus caused by their children.
  7. Encourage children to obey all traffic rules and school bus regulations.
  8. Make reasonable effort to understand and cooperate with those responsible for student transportation.
  9. Complete a Parent Concern Form, if they have concerns with the transportation of their child.

Student Management Process

The bus driver or Rocky View's Transportation Department will contact parents if a problem arises with a child. If the problem is not resolved and the inappropriate behaviour continues Misconduct Reports will be filed with the school administrator. This process may be by-passed when a serious problem occurs requiring immediate attention. In such a situation, the school administrator will notify parents. In a case when a student's bus privileges have been suspended, parents become responsible for the transportation of the suspended student to and from school.

Parent/Guardian Concerns

If you have a concern with Rocky View Schools' Transportation Services such as bus driver conduct, atmosphere on the bus, late buses, or stop locations, please complete our Parent Concern Form and forward it to:

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