Transportation Registration for RVS Families

This includes families with any student who attends an RVS school, or Calgary Catholic student who has a sibling attending an RVS school.


To register for school bus service you must access the SchoolEngage portal through your PowerSchool Parent account and ensure your child is properly linked.  If you do not have an existing PowerSchool Parent account you will need to contact your child's school for assistance in creating one.



To register for school please click here

How to Register

  • Log into your existing PowerSchool Parent Portal
  • Once logged in, access SchoolEngage from the Navigation menu on the left hand side by clicking on the School Engage Icon.

  • Your SchoolEngage portal will open in a new tab and should automatically direct you to your home screen. To access the Transportation Registration 2019-2020 form you will need to click on 'Students' under the menu on the left hand side and then again on the name of the child you wish to register.

If your student's name is not listed under the Students tab please contact your school for assistance.

  • Once you have clicked on your child's name a list of student forms will populate on the right hand side.  Locate the Transportation Registration 2019-2020 form and click 'New' to fill and submit.

  • Please note that the option to submit your form will not appear until every field is completed in the proper format.  Once the form has been filled out properly the submit button will appear at the very bottom of the form.


What to Expect Next

  • Once your registration form has been submitted you will receive an email from the Transportation Department confirming receipt of your application. Once the form has been received it will be forwarded to a Transportation Coordinator for review.
  • If the information provided on your form meets requirements for transportation service your form will be approved and a subsequent email will follow.  For information on eligibility please click here.  If for any reason your application is denied you will be contacted by a Transportation Coordinator directly.
  • Now that your form has been approved your student will be assigned to a bus route and a permanent electronic bus pass will be issued and mailed out.  Please allow sufficient time for delivery.
  • A third email will follow with payment, bus route and stop location information.  Urban bus route information can also be viewed here.




To contact the Transportation Department, please email

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