Student Information

Student Code of Conduct

Bus safety is the responsibility of the bus driver, school bus passengers and their parents. Parents and students are asked to be familiar and supportive with Rocky View's Student Code of Conduct by:

  1. Following the instructions of the bus driver at all times.
    The bus driver is in full charge of the bus and responsible for your safety.
  2. Being considerate of other passengers and the bus driver.
    Mutual consideration creates a pleasant atmosphere on the bus. There is zero tolerance of personal harassment of bus drivers or other passengers. Harassment is any behavior that denies individuals their dignity and respect.
  3. Having respect for the bus and its contents.
    Parents/students will be expected to pay for damage caused by the student.
  4. Sitting squarely in the seat, facing forward.  Keep head, limbs and objects inside the bus and out of the bus aisle.
    This is the safest way to travel on a school bus and may prevent serious injury.
  5. Keeping noise on the bus to a minimum.
    Loud noises or shouting are dangerously distracting to the driver.
  6. Arriving at the bus stop prior to the scheduled pick up time.
    If passengers are punctual the bus driver is able to maintain a schedule and students will arrive at school on time.

Transporting Articles and Equipment

The Transportation Department will try to accommodate students with the transportation of articles and equipment for extra-curricular activities.  However, some items will not be able to be transported due to safety concerns or available space.

Permissible items include:
Skates or balls enclosed in a canvas bag
Lunch containers
Text books and school supplies
Small band instruments that can be safely stored under the student's seat or on the student's lap
Bag smaller than 13" length x 21" width x 13" depth

Non Permissible items include:
Laser pens and electronic cigarettes
Large band instruments and large school projects
Hockey sticks, golf clubs, curling brooms
Skis and poles, snowboards
Skateboards and longboards

While being transported on a school bus, students are prohibited from carrying laser pens, matches or lighters, drugs, alcohol, weapons of any kind, fuel or any other items that may pose a threat to the passengers on the bus. For any other items, please check with your school bus owner or company prior to boarding the school bus.

Student Management Process

The bus driver or Rocky View's Transportation Department will contact parents if a problem arises with a child. If the problem is not resolved and the inappropriate behavior continues Misconduct Reports will be filed with the school administrator. This process may be by-passed when a serious problem occurs requiring immediate attention. In such a situation, the school administrator will notify parents. In a case when a student's bus privileges have been suspended, parents become responsible for the transportation of the suspended student to and from school.

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