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What is the best way to contact the Transportation Department with questions or to update contact information?

Email and the transportation coordinator for your area will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • If your child is currently registered on the bus, please include your child’s legal first & last name, school and route number.
  • If you are new to busing, please include each child’s grade, school (if known) address and program (regular or French Immersion).

Can my child ride a bus to a school they don’t attend, and then walk to their school?

No. Students can only ride the bus to the school they attend.

Is there a maximum length of time that my child will be on the bus?

Ideally students will be on the bus no more than 75 minutes each way; however, factors such as student capacity, distance from school, etc. will affect ride times. We therefore have no maximum ride time.

Why does my child have an assigned seat?

Assigned seats help us address efficiencies, minimize student management, and keep ride times to a minimum. Students are also assigned to seats to help with age-appropriate socialization and ensure we are following COVID-19 protocols.

Can my child bring their hockey equipment, skateboard or musical instrument on the bus?

Please refer to Transporting Articles and Equipment to review what articles and equipment are allowed buses.

Can my child eat on the bus?

No. The bus is a shared environment and there is potential for others to have severe allergic reactions.

How do I address bus issues or other problems my child is facing on the bus?

  • Other students misbehaving: Please contact your student’s principal. The school bus is an extension of the school and as such the school principal is responsible for the discipline of students. It is expected that students follow not only specific bus rules but those rules and regulations that the principal has established at the school. Please see Student Information and Parent Information.
  • Other issues (bus stop, driver issues, etc.): Please contact the bus contractor directly with concerns or issues. See School Bus Contractors for contact information. Alternatively you may email the Transportation Department at; our team can work with the bus contractor to help resolve the issue.

In either case, please do not approach the bus driver at the bus stop. This helps ensure the safety of our students and drivers. Parents/guardians are not allowed to board the bus.

If my child is not riding the bus today do I need to inform anyone?

  • Urban students: No. If your child is not at their designated stop at the scheduled departure time the bus will proceed. It is not necessary to advise our office.
  • Rural students: You may plan with the bus driver or bus company prior to the date.
  • Bus service cancellation: If your child does not need bus service for the rest of the school year, please cancel the bus service by filling in the Cancellation Form. Log into your SchoolEngage account, click on the Students tab on the left hand side and select your child’s name to locate and complete the Cancellation Form. A separate Cancellation Form must be completed for each student.

Does someone from the school meet the bus when it arrives at school in the morning?

Please contact your child’s school directly to discuss their supervision process.

Do I have to meet my child at the bus stop? What if I’m not there on time?

We do not require you to meet your child at the bus stop; it is your decision as a parent/guardian. Please make sure you prepare your child to get off at the correct stop location. Ensure your child asks the bus driver if they are unsure of their stop.

Once a child gets off the bus, the driver moves on to the next stop whether or not a parent/guardian is present. We recommend you train your child to scan the stop for you and make eye contact before getting off the bus. If your child does not see you they should alert the bus driver immediately and should not get off the bus. In most situations the student will stay on the bus and the parent/guardian should proceed to the next available stop where they can meet their child.

In case of emergency and your student has not seen you and therefore not gotten off the bus, please call your School Bus Contractor as soon as possible.

Who is responsible for my child while they are walking to/waiting at the bus stop?

Parents/guardians are responsible for their child’s safety and conduct while walking to, from and waiting at a designated bus stop.



How do I register my child for busing?

Please visit Bus Registration & Fee Payment to register for school bus service.

I filled in my transportation registration form for my child. When can my child start taking the bus?

Due to COVID-19 protocols, students are added to the bus list every Wednesday. The cut-off to add students to a route is the Thursday of the week prior.

For urban families, once you receive an email from the Transportation Department with your child’s bus number and stop information, your child may begin riding the bus on the Wednesday of that same week.

For rural families, once your bus driver has contacted you with the stop time, your child may begin riding the bus.

During peak times (Aug. 15 to Sept. 30) please expect a two-week processing time due to the volume of application forms received.

No new stops will be added between Aug. 15 – Sept. 30. If you register during this time your student will be placed at the closest existing stop.

What are busing options for Kindergarten students and what is the cost? Is there noon hour busing?

There is no noon hour busing for Kindergarten students.

If your Kindergarten student attends school in the morning, they can ride the morning bus and you must arrange transportation for the noon hour.

If your Kindergarten student attends school in the afternoon, they can ride the bus home but you will have to arrange transportation for the start of school.

Transportation fees are free for Kindergarten students only. Once your child moves to Grade 1 you will be charged the transportation fee. Make sure to keep your child’s bus pass as they are re-used each year.

Do I have to register my Kindergarten student, or can they just go on the bus with their older sibling?

Families must apply for busing for each child each year. This ensures we have the most current information. Please visit Bus Registration & Fee Payment to register.

I can’t find the SchoolEngage tab in my PowerSchool account on my mobile device. How can I access it?

The SchoolEngage forms are meant to be filled out using a laptop or tablet. Some information may not be visible on a mobile device. We recommend filling out your forms on a computer or tablet if possible. If you must use your mobile device, log into your PowerSchool account through a web browser and not through the PowerSchool app. There is also a community use computer available for use at our Education Centre (2651 Chinook Winds Dr. SW, Airdrie).

I’ve clicked “reset password” for my PowerSchool account but I haven’t received an email. What can I do?

Please contact your school office for assistance with your PowerSchool account.

My child attends a Catholic school inside the municipal district (MD) of Rocky View. Why does RVS provide their busing and not the Calgary Catholic School District?

RVS and Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD) have a cooperative agreement in place where all CCSD busing inside the MD of Rocky View will be provided by RVS. Any CCSD transportation questions inside the MD of Rocky View can be sent to

School registrations for CCSD schools must be done via CCSD.

How do I sign up my child for busing from a daycare provider/co-parent’s address?

Secondary stops can be added for a fee if the secondary stop is also within the school’s attendance zone. To add the stop, go to your SchoolEngage account and complete the Secondary Stop Request Form and submit required payment. If the daycare provider/co-parent’s address is over the walk distance from your child’s school, the stop will be added. Make sure to repeat these steps yearly; it will not be done automatically.

Custody of our child is shared by both parents in two separate locations. Is transportation provided to both residences?

Yes, if both parents live inside your child’s attendance zone and are over the walk distance. If only one parent lives over the walk distance, only one stop can be provided.

To add the stop, go to your SchoolEngage account and complete the Secondary Stop Request Form and submit required payment. Make sure to repeat these steps yearly; it will not be done automatically.

I have chosen childcare outside of my child’s school attendance zone. Will transportation be available from my childcare’s location?

No. Secondary stops for childcare can only be added if the childcare is within the school’s attendance zone and outside of its walk zone.

If my child attends a school that is out of area or out of division will there be busing?

Parents are responsible for providing transportation to their school of choice; however, more information is available on Bus Services. Please scroll down to the Out of Area Busing and Out of Division Busing sections.

What is my child’s designated school and will there be busing from my area to their school?

Visit School Attendance Areas for attendance area maps.

Student bus services are provided to Kindergarten to Grade 7 students who reside more than 1.5 kilometers from their designated school site, and to Grade 8 to 12 students who reside more than two kilometers from their designated school site. If you are still unsure please email the Transportation Department at Include your address, the grade(s) and the name of your child’s school(s), if known.

My child requires specialized transportation; how do I arrange this?

Should your child require transportation on a non-yellow school bus, contact your school and they will begin the process. The Learning Supports team will do an assessment to see what requirements are needed for transporting your child to school. If approved, Learning Supports will notify the Transportation Department of the requirements that are needed and our transportation coordinator will arrange service. The bus driver will call you when bus service will begin including the pick-up time, location and route number.

To begin this process during the summer please call Rocky View Schools Main Switch Board at 403-945-4000 and ask for the Learning Supports Department.

Is my student automatically re-enrolled for bus service next year, or do I need to take any action to ensure they continue to have service?

To ensure continuity of busing from year to year, you must re-apply each spring.

You will receive an email to re-enroll each spring. This occurs once our transportation fees are set by the Board of Trustees, usually in mid-May. Please complete the Re-Enrollment Form as soon as possible to allow the Transportation Department enough time to process the thousands of forms we receive each year.

If you do not reapply before August 15, your student will be removed from the bus route. You would then have to reapply for busing and it would not be available for the beginning of the school year.

How can I cancel bus service?

To cancel bus service, complete the Cancellation Form in SchoolEngage.

Log into your SchoolEngage account, click on the Students tab on the left hand side and select your child’s name. Locate and complete the Cancellation Form. A separate Cancellation Form must be completed for each student.

The deadline to cancel and still receive a full refund is Oct. 31 of the current school year; fees are NOT prorated.


Stop Locations

Can I request that the bus driver change my pick up time, pick up location or route?

All requests must be made through the RVS Transportation Department and not the individual drivers. Please complete our Parent Concern Form and forward it to: After we review your request with the bus contractor you will receive a written response with the decision.

Can my child be dropped off at a different stop?

No. Students are expected to get off at their assigned stop.

I cannot see the bus stop from my house.

RVS provides transportation for thousands of students to and from school each day. We are not able to position bus stops so that all parents are able to see the stop from their home.

The bus drives right past my house. Why can’t it stop in front of my house?

Each time the bus stops, the overall length of the bus route gets longer. For instance: If the bus drives by 15 houses and we add an additional 15 stops that would add at least another 15 minutes to the bus route.

Bus stops for Kindergarten to Grade 6 students will be no more than 0.4 kms from the end of their driveway to their stop. Bus stops for Grade 7 to 12 students will be no more than 1.20 kms from the end of their driveway to their stop. Stop locations are placed so they are mutually beneficial for all riders or future riders.


Late Buses/Weather

My child’s bus is late. Do I need to do anything?

Our school bus operators are required to notify the schools and Transportation Services if the bus is running more than 10 minutes late. Buses can be delayed for many reasons including inclement weather, traffic, road closures, and vehicle breakdowns.

Late buses will be updated on the Bus Status website. This will show all reported late buses of 10 minutes or more.

You can also download the Bus Status App to your smartphone to see when your bus is late. This is especially helpful on winter days.

You may also contact the contractor directly if needed.

If you find your bus is consistently late, please complete our Parent Concern Form with exact details and forward it to:

When would I expect bus service to be cancelled for a particular day due to weather?

In the unlikely event transportation needs to be cancelled due to weather conditions, announcements will be made through the local radio stations or check the Bus Status App. More information is available on our Inclement Weather page.

I arrived home late this afternoon and cannot find my child. What do I do?

Please contact your child’s school to determine if they are there. If your call is not answered, contact the Bus Contractor or call the RVS Main Switch Board number at 403-945-4000 and ask for the Transportation Department. We will coordinate the search with local emergency services.


Bus Passes/Lost or Replacement Bus Passes

Why do we use bus passes?

Bus passes help us to manage ridership numbers on the bus and can assist in finding lost or missing students. Please make sure your child is scanning on and off the bus in both the morning and afternoon every day.

We registered for busing and received the bus pass in the mail. What does my child do with the bus pass?

As your child boards the bus in the morning or afternoon they are required to scan their bus pass by touching the grey plastic box at the top of the bus stairs with their bus pass. If the card scans, the box will beep. This will tell us your child has scanned onto the bus. When your child gets off the bus at school or at their stop, they will scan their bus pass again which indicates they have exited the bus.

My child’s bus pass is broken. Do I have to pay for a new one?

Yes; there is a $15 replacement fee for any damaged bus passes. To obtain a new bus pass please see Bus Pass Replacement.

My child lost their bus pass. How do I get a new one?

To obtain a new bus pass visit Bus Pass Replacement. Replacement bus passes are $15.

If you happen to find the lost bus pass within 14 days, visit the RVS Transportation Office at 2651 Chinook Winds Drive in Airdrie with both bus passes. We can rescan the old bus pass and request to refund you the $15 for returning the new bus pass.

My child’s bus pass has stopped scanning. Do I have to pay for a new one?

Sometimes bus passes can become demagnetized and stop scanning. If this happens to your child’s bus pass please bring the defective bus pass into our office and we will issue a new card free of charge. Do not reapply for a replacement bus pass.

Can my child have more than one bus pass just in case we lose one?

No. Only one pass can be active at a time. As soon as a replacement bus pass is activated, the old bus pass is deactivated and will not scan.

I ordered a replacement bus pass and a bus pass pouch. I received my replacement pass in the mail, but I haven’t received the pouch yet. How do I get my pouch?

Bus pass pouches are too bulky to mail. Bus pass pouches are given to the bus contractors so that the bus driver can give them to the child.



Is there a deadline to pay for transportation fees?

At least half of the transportation fees will be required when you register for busing, with the remainder of the payment due by Oct. 31. If you have registered after this date, fees are due immediately. Payments can be made online in SchoolEngage or in person at the RVS Education Centre, 2651 Chinook Winds Drive SW in Airdrie.

Is there an option to pay for transportation per month?

No; we do not offer monthly payments or pro-rated fees.

Will my fees be prorated if I decide to sign up for busing partway through the school year?

  • If you apply for bus service from Sept. to Jan. you will be charged the full fees for transportation.
  • If you apply for bus service from Feb. to the end of April you will be charged a reduced second semester fee.
  • If you apply for bus service in May or June:

    • transportation is free for May-June if the students are newly registered students at RVS or CCSD.
    • existing RVS or CCSD students will be charged a reduced second semester fee.

See School & Transportation Fees for more information.

I have registered my child(ren) for transportation. How do I pay?

Once you receive a confirmation email that your transportation registration has been processed, a payment form will be uploaded into your SchoolEngage account the following day. You can pay with credit card/debit online or visit the RVS Education Centre, 2651 Chinook Winds Drive SW in Airdrie, to pay via credit card, debit, cash, or cheque. We are unable to process any payments over the phone.

I registered for busing but my child only rode it a few times all year, or none at all. Can I get a refund at the end of the year?

No. When you registered for busing, we reserved a space on the bus for your child and not for anyone else. Refunds are not available.

Please review cancellation information below for partial year refunds.

Is there a refund if I cancel bus service partway through the year?

  • Prior to Oct. 31: Full refund is available. Email to cancel service.
  • Nov. 1 - Jan. 31: 50 per cent refund is available.
  • Feb. 1 – June 30: No refund.

Students applying for bus service after Oct. 31 have 30 days to request a full refund.

To cancel bus service, complete the Cancellation Form. Log into your SchoolEngage account, click on the Students tab on the left hand side and select your child’s name to locate and complete the Cancellation Form. A separate Cancellation Form must be completed for each student.

I have a split household and we have payment arrangements. Can I receive an updated invoice to reflect this?

We are unable to change the billing information on the invoice as it pulls the information directly from PowerSchool. All financial arrangements (legal or otherwise) are the responsibility of the family to manage.

Can I apply to have my transportation fees waived if I receive the Goods and Services Tax (GST) credit?

Complete the Waiver Form for Transportation in your SchoolEngage account. You MUST attach your GST Credit Notice for the latest (or recent) tax year. This is a different waiver form than the School Fees waiver.

Fee waivers do not apply to non-residents or international students. More information about the waiver form and fees can be found at School & Transportation Fees under the Transportation Fees area. You must fill out this form each year to apply to have your Transportation fees waived.

How do I get an income tax receipt?

Parent/guardians can download tax receipts through their SchoolEngage account. If you are unable to retrieve the receipt you are looking for, please contact us at Please include your student’s legal name, school and the school year you are requesting the receipt for.

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