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Airdrie Grade Reconfiguration Announced
The Board of Trustees approved new grade configurations for Airdrie's R.J. Hawkey, Heloise Lorimer and Meadowbrook schools, April 4, 2019, following a public consultation held this past winter.
Don't forget to download Rocky View Schools' App
RVS’ app provide quick and easy access to a wealth of information about the jurisdiction. The RVS app can be downloaded from the App Store (apple) or Google Play (android).
Community Mural
Community Mural
Ontrack – 2019 Advanced Registration
The January 2019 edition of Ontrack invites parents to become familiar with the multitude of services and programs offered in preparation for RVS' Advanced Registration process, Jan. 14 – 18, 2019.
Soundbites – June 2019
RVS schools have a host of activities planned before they bid farewell to this school year!
What in the world is global citizenship anyways?
Erlene Gococo, Communications Officer - Education Centre - Global citizenship may mean different things to different people. For some, it may imply action using whole-world philosophies and sensibilities. For others, it may mean caring beyond the community where you live and expanding your heart and mind.
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