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Bill 1 - An Act to Reduce School Fees

On March 2 the provincial government introduced Bill 1 – An Act to Reduce School Fees. If passed, Bill 1 will reduce fees previously charged by public school authorities for instructional resources, and transportation fees for students residing over 2.4km from their designated school.The intent of this bill is to take effect, September 2017.

Instructional Resource Fees & Student Transportation Fees

Rocky View School (RVS) is grateful for the intent of Bill 1 and the government's support of Rocky View families and our public education system. At this time, the specific impact of Bill 1 on RVS is unknown. When the government releases the Bill's accompanying regulations and 2017/18 grants, we will share information with our parents as to the impacts on our jurisdiction and our families.

RVS' current Instructional Resource Fees and Student Transportation Fees cover the portion of the cost of providing service that the government does not fund in order to provide the level of services our families have come to expect.We look forward to working collaboratively with Alberta Education to implement this Bill, while ensuring the government fully funds RVS' current service levels previously afforded through these fees.

Letter from the Minister

At the request of our Education Minister, the Honourable David Eggen, we encourage all parents to learn more about Bill 1 through this ministerial letter.


Bill 1 - An Act to Reduce School Fees

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