Windsong Heights Wins $10,000 from Aviva for Community Mural

RVS is pleased to announce that Windsong Heights School has won a $10,000 grant from the Aviva Community Fund. The school’s proposal to create a community mural was one of 50 Small Idea Category winners, based on the highest number of votes received during Aviva's national competition.

For its 10th anniversary, Aviva Canada earmarked $1 million to support ideas that bring people together and create meaningful change in local communities. Aviva Canada received more than 640 submissions from across Canada and Windsong Heights was chosen as one of only 60 winners.

Submitted by Kindergarten Teachers Allison Apels and Taylor Patten, Windsong's winning proposal outlined the school’s intent to use funds to work with an artist in residency to create a collaborative mural that could serve as a legacy piece and tell a story for years to come. The school hopes to engage more than 1000 people in the creation of the mural, including staff, students, parents, and members of the community, and explore the themes of community, belonging, pride as inspiration.

Congratulations go out to staff and students from Windsong Heights, whose passion for collaboration and the fine arts will create a lasting impact in the community. RVS also extends thanks to all those who took the time to vote for Windsong's proposal. More details of the school's plan for a community mural can be found here.

Windsong Heights Wins $10,000 from Aviva for Community Mural

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