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W.H. Croxford Teacher Selected as RVS' Edwin Parr Nominee

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Each year, RVS is proud to nominate a first-year teacher to receive the Edwin Parr Teacher Award sponsored by the Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA). This year's nominee is W.H. Croxford High School Teacher, Eeshnah Qureshi.

In her first year, Eeshnah has demonstrated outstanding pedagogy, care and commitment to excellence while supporting her students. Her warmth is palpable as she listens attentively to validate her students and encourage them to share their ideas. In turn, she has earned the respect of the learners in her classrooms.

Students are eager to participate in the engaging and culturally relevant lessons Eeshnah designs in both her English Language Arts class and English as an Additional Language (EAL) class. Student voice and choice are central in her classroom, from the quotes her students research and share daily to the multiple entry points of classwork and assessment she offers based on their interests and current level of skill. Eeshnah is finely attuned to her students' needs and makes a great effort to meet them where they are, ensuring they feel safe and welcome in her classroom.

Eeshnah devotes significant time to supporting extracurricular programs and clubs including W.H. Croxford's breakfast program, running club, Muslims of Croxford club and the senior girls' basketball team. Her dedication to making her students feel special is exemplified by something she did for Valentine's Day. Realizing many of her EAL students had never experienced the holiday, she assembled care packages to give them. Feeling guilty that she wasn't offering this kindness to all her students, she then proceeded to make a package for each student she teaches. This small gesture shows the kind of teacher Eeshnah is: generous, kind and attentive.

The Edwin Parr Teacher Award has annually recognized excellent first-year teachers across Alberta since 1964 and is given to a teacher from ASBA's six zones each year. If Eeshnah is selected as the Zone 5 winner, she will be recognized along with five other teachers at an ASBA meeting this fall.

Please join us in congratulating Eeshnah on this great achievement!

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