Airdrie Fire Department Delivers Virtual Birthday Greetings

Sadly, birthday celebrations can't be held in person during the pandemic, which can be hard for children to understand. To make birthdays a little brighter, the Airdrie Fire Department is offering virtual birthday greetings.

Celebrate a Birthday... Virtually!

The Airdrie Fire Department (AFD) would love to drive by every birthday party and celebration (upon request) in the city. However, its main priority is to keep the community safe and respond to emergency calls at a moments notice. While it's not possible to drive by every party, parents/guardians and family can request for a special virtual message to be sent to the birthday celebrant. The AFD Fire Chief will send a personal virtual message along with some "sparky" activities to do at home and a photo from the crew.

This special service is available to children ages 3 to 12, for special circumstances and for milestones such as reaching 75 years or older. Requests must be made at least five (5) business days prior to the special day.

To make a request, please complete the request form and e-mail it to:


Airdrie Fire Department Delivers Virtual Birthday Greetings

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