Alberta Junior High Leadership Conference

Student leaders from across the province will gather in Crossfield, Nov. 22 – 23, 2019, when W.G. Murdoch hosts this year’s Alberta Junior High Leadership Conference.

Developing Leaders

Designed to build students’ leadership capacity through the pursuit of their passions, this year's conference, the Leadership Roundup, will take students through a series of workshops, keynote speakers and activities.

This year’s keynotes, Nick Foley, Kynan Vine and Haley Hartwell, will sit on a speakers panel to discuss inclusion, resiliency and youth development. Outside of attending breakout sessions and enjoying line dancing, participants walso will hear from Clarence Wolf Leg Jr. and Craig Free Rider who will educate students about how the drum and traditional dances create empowerment, identity, community and connection. It's a jam packed agenda! For more information, e-mail Shannon Booth or visit the Junior High Student Leadership Conference website.


Alberta Junior High Leadership Conference

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