Celebrating 100 Per Cent Achievement

The Board of Trustees applauded eight Rocky View Schools students for their exemplary performance and perfect marks on a provincial diploma exam!

Celebrating Student Success

At its Nov. 14, 2019, public board meeting, Trustees recognized outstanding student achievement in Rocky View Schools. Eight students were celebrated for obtaining 100 per cent on a June 2019 provincial diploma exam, some for the second time!

Students were/are from the schools listed below:

  • Two students from Bert Church High School (Chemistry 30 and Biology 30)
  • One student from Chestermere High School (Chemistry 30)
  • Three students from Cochrane High School (Math 30-1 and Biology 30)
  • Two students from Springbank Community High School (Math 30-1)

The Board praised students for their strong work ethic and ability to balance academics with community and extracurricular involvement. Trustees also commented on students’ post-secondary plans and acknowledged that their commitment, drive and ambition will serve them well in their future pursuits.

The next 100 per cent achievement presentation will take place in May 2020 for diploma exams written in January 2019.

Celebrating 100 Per Cent Achievement

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