Building Healthy Habits to Ensure Student Success

As parents continue to register their children in Rocky View Schools for the 2020/21 school year, the jurisdiction would like to remind parents and students about the importance of building healthy habits, which have a direct impact on student success.

Healthy Students are Better Learners

Student success relies on many factors, including healthy eating, sleeping and screen time habits. In Rocky View Schools (RVS), students are encouraged to critically think about the impact of their food choices, sleeping habits and screen time on their current and long-term health.

In relation to food, research shows that nutrition plays an important role in students' emotional, social and physical development. RVS supports student success by promoting healthy eating environments in all schools through programs such as Food for Thought. When it comes to sufficient sleep, the Government of Canada recommends nine to 11 hours per night for children ages 5 - 13, and eight to 10 hours for children ages 14 - 17. Anything less can have dire consequences on students' ability to concentrate in school. Excessive screen time also can affect students' ability to succeed due to lack of focus and, consequently, inadequate sleep. Parents can support their children in all these areas by promoting and modelling positive behaviour and habits at home.

For further details, visit the following websites:
Canada's Food Guide
RVS' Food for Thought
Government of Canada - Healthy Living Infographic on Sleep
Promoting Healthy Use of Technology and Managing Screen Time


Building Healthy Habits to Ensure Student Success

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