Fun Activities for the Winter Break

Keeping kids occupied and off their electronic devices during vacation can be challenging. Here are a few indoor and outdoor ideas to keep them busy, while having fun with friends and family!

Six Fun Ideas for the Whole Family!

The cold weather and time off does not mean families have to hibernate and stare at their electronic devices! This time of year is a wonderful opportunity to be active together, while having fun! Here are six fun ideas:

  1. Transform your backyard into a winter wonderland and make ice candles - This activity is ideal for the entire family and costs next to nothing to make. Check out this link for instructions and other ideas.
  2. Read a good book - The cold weather is the perfect opportunity to warm up to a cozy fire and read. Read alone, read together or read out loud! Scholastic Canada has put together a list of some fun and playful holiday book ideas for kids. For the adult reader, check out goodreads Christmas book list.
  3. Enjoy a movie marathon - The winter break should bring families together for quality time. Why not have a movie marathon? Pop some popcorn, grab a pillow and blanket and catch up on Netflix!
  4. Host a game night - Grab some friends, neighbours and family members to enjoy a game night! Check out's list of theĀ 12 Best Family Board Games of 2019.
  5. Build a snowman - There is nothing quite like the sight of fresh, white powdery snow. Put on your snow pants, gloves and a toque and get rolling! Building a snowman is a favourite winter activity for many and a great opportunity to get some fresh air!
  6. Spend a day in the mountains - Albertans are lucky to be in close proximity to the mountains. Enjoy a day skiing, tobogganing and/or ice skating! Always make sure to check the weather forecast and mountain conditions before heading out.

Fun Activities for the Winter Break

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