Hats On! for Mental Health Day

Today, all Albertans are encouraged to wear a hat to raise awareness of positive mental health and help remove the stigma associated with mental illness.

Promoting Positive Mental Health

May 6, 2020, is Hats On! for Mental Health Day. To raise awareness, please consider wearing a hat today and spreading the word among friends and family. Post a photo with a hat on and use the power of social media to encourage others to participate.

Studies have shown that people who are mentally healthy:

  • Have a sense of contentment;
  • Can deal with stress and bounce back from adversity;
  • Have a sense of purpose and meaning;
  • Can build and maintain fulfilling relationships;
  • Are flexible and can adapt to change;
  • Balance work and play, rest and activity; and
  • Have self-confidence and high self-esteem.

During the unprecedented time, families are encouraged to participate in activities together, which promote positive mental health. Visit the Canadian Mental Health Association's website for useful tips and informative articles aimed at supporting mental health initiatives.


Hats On! for Mental Health Day


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