How to Talk to Children and Youth About COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has created an altered reality for much of the world and has left many parents/guardians wondering what to say to their children about this current crisis. In response to this, the Alberta Teachers' Association has partnered with Harvard Medical School to publish some helpful tips for speaking to children and youth about COVID-19.

Communicating with Children In Times of Crisis

Parents/guardians know that talking to children about certain situations can be challenging. However, for many, talking to them about COVID-19 presents an entirely new challenge. It is important to be truthful with children in times of crisis, but it can be difficult to find that balance between keeping them informed and also keeping them calm and optimistic.

Thanks to a collaboration between the Alberta Teachers’ Association's Dr. Philip McRae and Boston Children's Hospital Pediatrician and Harvard Medical School Professor Dr. Michael Rich, parents can access an interactive PDF, which provides useful suggestions and related links on how to effectively and calmly discuss the pandemic with their children and youth.

Access Interactive PDF - Talking to Kids About Coronavirus (COVID-19)


How to Talk to Children and Youth About COVID-19

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