Why Register for Bus Services?

Rocky View Schools (RVS) operates one of the largest regional student transportation systems in Alberta. It's important that all riders are registered with Transportation Services for a variety of reasons, namely student safety.

Ensuring Rider Safety

With over 13,000 daily bus riders, RVS' priority is keeping students safe. As such, we ask parents to ensure that all students riding RVS buses are registered with Transportation Services. Unauthorized usage of school bus services is not permitted and can result in a number of safety violations and create challenges for bus drivers and RVS' Transportation Department. These include:

  • The inability to confirm consent from families of students riding the bus;
  • The inability to ensure student management and safety; and
  • The inability to guarantee seats for registered riders, as space is limited on bus routes.

RVS appreciates parents' cooperation with ensuring their child only rides the bus if he/she is registered.

Questions can be directed to Transportation Services or by visiting the Transportation Department's page on RVS' website.


Why Register for Bus Services?

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