A Journey Into the History of the Áísínaiʼpi

Follow a group of Rocky View Schools teachers as they explore Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park to learn about the significance of the land through stories of the Blackfoot people.

The Sacred Park of the Blackfoot and Indigenous Peoples

To foster Indigenous learnings, a group of RVS teachers journeyed back into time to learn about the history of Áísínaiʼpi, also known as Writing-on-Stone. Led by Blackfoot knowledge keeper, storyteller, educator and author, Saa'kokoto, the group examined petroglyphs (rock carvings) and pictographs (rock paintings), while learning about the importance and sacredness of the park to the Blackfoot and Indigenous peoples of Canada.

Located southeast of Lethbridge in the heart of the Blackfoot's traditional territory, the Provincial Park straddles the Milk River and is home to one of the largest areas of protected prairie in the Alberta park system. Writing-on-Stone (Áísínaiʼpi) is Alberta's newest World Heritage Site, serving as both a nature preserve and protection for the largest collection of First Nation rock art on the Great Plains of North America.

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