Moving Cashless – Status Update

Introduced in September 2019, RVS’ Cashless Schools initiative asks parents to work with RVS to help make schools cashless. So far, it has been a great success!

Streamlining the Process

RVS schools are now settling into their new cashless environment. Due to more funds being paid online, less cash is moving through schools, leaving teachers with more time to focus on students.

Keep in mind, this is just the beginning. Schools are continuing to work with teachers to bring even more fee items into School Cash Online. RVS also continues to source new modules to help improve the user experience, such as  myWallet. Introduced in mid-October, myWallet allows parents to deposit funds into their School Cash Online account for future use.

Parents wanting to learn more or sign up for School Cash Online can find information in the Moving Cashless Parent Communique. Please e-mail with any other questions.

Moving Cashless – Status Update

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