Parent Letter: Rapid Testing Pilot June 3

RVS has agreed to participate in the Government of Alberta's COVID-19 rapid screening test program with two more schools selected to take part in the voluntary program.

June 3, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Government of Alberta is expanding its COVID-19 rapid screening test program into more regions and has asked Rocky View Schools (RVS) to participate. As another step in our ongoing commitment to the safety and wellness of our students and staff, RVS has agreed to participate in the program. Chestermere Lake Middle School and Prairie Waters Elementary School have been selected to participate in the program. The program is completely voluntary for students and staff. As a member of a school community participating, you will be sent a consent form from your school with further details about timing and other logistics.

RVS appreciates you may have many questions about the program before deciding if your child will participate. The government has provided a COVID-19 rapid testing pilot fact sheet with further details about how it works in schools. RVS encourages you to read the fact sheet for more information.

RVS wants to emphasize participation in the rapid screening test program is voluntary. There is no expectation that a student or staff member volunteer to be tested. Your school principal will contact you soon with more details about the program, as well as the required consent form that will need to be completed to participate.

Please direct any questions you might have to your school principal.


Greg Luterbach
Superintendent of Schools


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