Providing Opportunities for Students to Explore Their Passions

In addition to offering core subjects, Gr. 5 - 9 students in Rocky View Schools have the opportunity to select courses within the Career and Technology Foundations curriculum.

Flexible and Adaptable Courses to Meet Diverse Student Needs

Rocky View Schools (RVS) understands that learners are unique and therefore require unique program offerings to meet their diverse needs. The Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) curriculum provides students with the opportunity to explore their interests, passions and skills, while making a personal connection to career possibilities through relevant, meaningful and engaging learning experiences. Challenges or tasks help students to develop critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills while hands-on learning exposes them to technologies associated with various occupational areas.

CTF allows students to plan, design, create and implement solutions for relevant real-life problems. As students engage in hands-on challenges, they develop social, interpersonal, life and work skills as well as practical knowledge about various industries, issues and technologies.

Providing a foundation for students to transition into Career and Technology Studies (CTS) in Gr. 10 - 12, CTF revolves around five clusters: Business, Communication, Human Services, Resources and Technology. Students focus on the attitudes, skills and knowledge related to specific work areas, which fall into one of the five clusters.

For further details, refer to Alberta Education's CTF Program of Studies publication.


Providing Opportunities for Students to Explore Their Passions

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