Moving to Real-Time Reporting

As part of Rocky View Schools' (RVS) comprehensive Communication of Student Learning (CoSL) strategy, which is based on current assessment research, 20 schools serving students from K - Gr. 8/9 will be prototyping Real-Time Reporting in 2019/20.

Evidence-Informed Student Assessment Practices

Real-Time Reporting (RTR) promotes continuous, timely and transparent assessment practices that help students build knowledge of themselves as learners and facilitate conversations between teachers, students and parents about the next steps in a student's learning journey.

RTR differs from more traditional assessment practices in that students have the entire year to learn the curricular outcomes, which supports their long-range development. Evidence of student learning is continuously demonstrated through both PowerSchool's Public Portal and myBlueprint, a student-driven online portfolio. Teachers can use early assessment results to better inform their practice and modify their instructional strategies to improve student learning.

Real-Time Assessment Summary

Schools prototyping RTR have eliminated the practice of issuing three report cards per year. Instead, a real-time assessment summary is accessible to parents and students year-round via PowerSchool. Parents can access a digital version of this summary by logging into PowerSchool and clicking on the "Standard Grades" tab. Printed report cards will be issued once a year, at the end of June.

For more information, parents are encouraged to review the RTR Parent Guide.

Moving to Real-Time Reporting

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