Reminder to Parents About School Bus Safety

In Rocky View Schools, approximately 12,500 students are transported daily on school buses. Parents play an integral role in ensuring their child's safety on the bus.

Helping Keep Students Safe on School Buses

School bus safety isn't just the bus drivers' responsibility. Rocky View Schools' (RVS) riders and their parents/guardians also must understand their role in ensuring bus safety for all students. Parents are asked to familiarize themselves with the jurisdiction's Student Passenger Responsibilities and Code of Conduct and discuss it with their child, if they haven't already done so. The Code of Conduct outlines important points including: following bus driver's instruction, being considerate of others, having respect for the the bus, sitting properly, keeping noise to a minimum and arriving to the bus stop prior to pick up time. By working together and respecting the rules, students can feel confident riding the bus and have a more enjoyable experience.

Questions and/or concerns can be directed to the Transportation Department.


Reminder to Parents About School Bus Safety

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