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RVS to Provide Feedback on Government’s Draft K-6 Curriculum Without Participating in Pilot

RVS' Board of Trustees and Administration have determined a path forward with the draft Kindergarten – Grade 6 curriculum released by the Government of Alberta on March 29, 2021. Given the reality that the pandemic will continue to impact schools well into the 2021/22 school year and the burden this creates for teachers and students, RVS has decided not to pilot the draft curriculum in classrooms.

“While we appreciate that government has provided flexibility in piloting, we have heard from our administration and many parents and staff requesting that the pilot does not occur in RVS classrooms for a number of reasons. Piloting a new curriculum will only put more pressure on teachers, schools and the system while we work through recovering from the impacts of the pandemic,” said Board Chair Fiona Gilbert. “We have also heard concerns from stakeholders about some of the specific topics and approaches being utilized in the draft and are not prepared to put it in front of students at this time.”

RVS Administration completed a preliminary review of the draft curriculum which spans seven grades and eight subject areas.

“In light of ongoing pandemic recovery efforts, we feel we can still provide meaningful feedback to government through expert teacher groups,” said Superintendent Luterbach. “We strongly believe that RVS teachers have valuable knowledge, expertise and perspective to help shape the draft curriculum,” said Luterbach.

“RVS will focus our efforts on bringing groups of teachers and school administrators together to engage with the draft curriculum and provide feedback to government through this mechanism. It will help us better understand the nuance in the drafts and provide opportunities for teachers to help identify needed changes to the draft curriculum,” said Luterbach.

“We welcome that updated curriculum is being tackled in Alberta and believe that an update can provide an opportunity to build on what is working well while helping to develop the next generation of Albertans,” said Board Chair Gilbert. “We encourage all stakeholders to spend some time with the actual draft curriculum and provide specific feedback to government to help ensure that the curriculum meets the current and future needs of students.”

Feedback can be provided to government via

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