School Emergency Program

Rocky View Schools' first priority is the safety of its students and staff. To ensure an effective response to any school crisis, the jurisdiction has developed an Emergency Response Plan.

A Guide for Parents and Guardians

Schools are considered to be one of the safest places in our community. With that said, Rocky View Schools (RVS) recognizes that an emergency can strike anywhere at anytime. To be prepared for such emergencies, RVS has developed a School Emergency Program, to work in conjunction with other local emergency plans. The jurisdiction's plan is reviewed annually and after an emergency happens.

Schools conduct training and drills over the course of the school year to help better prepare students and staff for possible emergency situations. When a school is confronted with an emergency, staff will assess the situation and then decide on a course of action. These exercises prepare students and staff to act quickly and help to minimize a child’s fear during a real emergency.

For further details, please refer to the School Emergency Program guide, which includes English, French and Spanish versions.


School Emergency Program

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