Supporting Children's Mental Health: Tips for Parents

When young children begin their education in Rocky View Schools, teachers, in partnership with parents, work to support their social/emotional well-being. Today is Bell Let's Talk Day - so let's talk!

Promoting Mental Wellness in Young Children

Right from the start, when students begin their learning journey in Rocky View Schools, educators nurture both their academic and social/emotional growth. When children are still young, creating a sense of belonging and promoting resiliency are key factors in developing healthy behaviours. Parents also can help support this area of development by:

  1. Teaching and reinforcing positive behaviours and decision making. Provide consistent expectations and support. Parents also should teach their children social skills, problem solving and conflict resolution. As well, providing positive feedback validates and reinforces behaviours and accomplishments, which are valued by others.
  2. Creating a sense of belonging. Children build a sense of trust in others and themselves when they feel connected and welcomed.
  3. Promoting resiliency. Becoming resilient is a hard skill for children to master, but necessary in order for them to learn to face adversity and life's challenges. Connectedness, competence, helping others and successfully facing difficult situations also can foster resilience.
  4. Ensuring safe environments. Children need to feel safe at home and in school. Feeling safe is critical to students' learning and mental health. Promoting positive behaviours such as respect, responsibility and kindness are essential to a child's well-being.
  5. Develop competencies. Children need to feel confident that they can overcome challenges and reach their goals. In addition to academic competency, children need to also build social competency. Having friends and staying connected can enhance mental wellness.

If you have any concerns about your child's social/emotional development, speak to his/her teacher. By working together, students have a better chance at becoming happier, healthier individuals.

For more information on how to support your child, please review the Parent Information Series published by Alberta Health Services.

Supporting Children's Mental Health: Tips for Parents

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