Supporting Your Child Through French Immersion

In Rocky View Schools, 13 of its 51 schools offer French immersion programming, with a large number of parents who speak little to no French. To provide information and inspiration, Alberta Education has created a useful manual for parents on how to best support their child in a language-based program.

Yes, You Can Help!

So you've made the decision to enroll your child in French immersion, but now feel helpless because you don't speak the language? Like many other parents, you want to take an active role in your child's learning but find it challenging due to the language barrier. Good news - Yes, You Can Help! To support parents of French immersion students, Alberta Education, in partnership with Canadian Parents for French, has developed Yes, You Can Help!, a resource guide, which includes topics such as "How to prepare my child for early immersion", "How can I encourage good study habits?", "Should I teach my child to read in English?" and more!

Encouraging your child to participate in language-based programs outside of the classroom is another way to supplement their learning. Check out a previous story on Learning French Across Canada!

Supporting Your Child Through French Immersion


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