Supporting Your Child's Journey in Math

Rocky View Schools understands that parents/guardians want to help and support their child in school. It's common to especially want to guide your child in math. But what if you're not strong in math? Can you still help your child?

Help Comes in Many Different Forms

When it comes to math, not everyone has a strong knowledge in this area. Often, parents/guardians feel unsupportive when they are not able to explain a math concept to their child or do the math problems themselves. But helping your child in math goes far beyond your own mathematical abilities. It's about making math relevant in real-life situations, such as money management/counting, making purchases at the store with your child or measuring ingredients when cooking or baking! Learning math can be a fun adventure with your child!

In Rocky View Schools, educators work towards building students' fluency in math through carefully constructed experiences and methods of teaching. They look to parents/guardians to support their own child's learning by demonstrating a positive attitude. This means, letting the child know they can be successful in math, demonstrating patience when they are struggling with a concept and avoiding negative comments or criticism when they don't understand something. If there are concerns, parents/guardians are encouraged to connect with their child's teacher.

To learn more about you can do with your child at home to promote math, read Alberta Education's document entitled The Revised Kindergarten to Gr. 9 Mathematics Program of Studies.


Supporting Your Child's Journey in Math

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