The Farm is Here!

Rocky View Schools is very excited to introduce The Farm, which will see 35 Gr. 9/10 student take their entire program this year through an agricultural lens.

Connecting to the Alberta Way of Life



In its inaugural year, The Farm welcomed a group of 35 Gr. 9/10 students this September! Located on a 15-acre parcel of land just three minutes north of Airdrie, The Farm will provide students with the opportunity to explore a wide spectrum of agricultural practices while taking their full curriculum in a non-traditional classroom.

Anchored by relationships with community partners, students will create solutions to real-world problems in a context that is real and relevant to the Alberta way of life. They will complete farm chores, learn to manage, market and operate agri-business ventures and engage in research projects that foster the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Rocky View Schools is excited to watch these students thrive! Follow the Farm on Twitter.

The Farm is Here!

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