Thin Ice Alert - Caution!

With winter looming and the ponds, rivers and reservoirs beginning to freeze, parents are asked to speak to their children about thin ice hazards - let's keep them safe!

Safety First

Along with winter weather reminders, parents also are asked to speak with their children about the potential dangers of playing near frozen ponds, rivers and reservoirs. These areas of frozen water may appear stable but often are just a thin sheet of ice.

Some quick tips from the Red Cross to help keep our students safe when playing on or near ice:

  • Ice thickness should be at least 15 cm for walking or skating alone, 20 cm for skating parties and 25 cm for snowmobiles.
  • The colour of ice may be an indication of its strength - clear blue ice is the strongest and gray ice is considered unsafe, as the grayness indicates the presence of water.
  • Going out onto the ice at night should be avoided.

For more information on ice safety, please visit the Canadian Red Cross' website.


Thin Ice Alert - Caution!

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