WE Well-Being in Crossfield

Crossfield Elementary School has launched a new pilot program to further the safe, inclusive, positive learning environments for students and its results are shining through.

Promoting Well-Being

Something a bit different is evolving at Crossfield Elementary. Last year, Gr. 5 teacher Tobey Daniels championed the school’s participation in the WE Well-Being pilot program. Designed to empower youth and families to promote their own well-being, the WE program supplies teachers with free resources to develop in-class workshops about mindfulness, altruism and empathy, as well as includes professional learning for educators and take-home materials for families.

These materials, coupled with Tobey’s drive to bring more kindness to the world, have brought continuing change to Crossfield Elementary School. The school is filled with positive signage and resources for students. For instance, students having a bad day can spend time with one of the school’s five therapy dogs. Every day they work to build compassion and empathy for one another.

Those looking to get involved or promote WE Well-Being or other WE initiatives can visit their websites.

WE Well-Being in Crossfield

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