Windsong Heights Launches Book in Support of Sanctuary Wolfdog

A neglected Irish Wolfhound named Horton was rescued in 2015 and brought to the Yamnuska Wolf Dog Sanctuary. To fundraise, two students from Windsong wrote a book 'Horton Hears Our Howls' with proceeds going towards Horton's continued care.

Students Come Together to Help with Wolfdog's Rehabilitation

In true “Windsong Wolfpack” spirit, students from Windsong Heights School came together to help the sanctuary with Horton’s rehabilitation and progress. They recycled bottles and cans and lived up to the school's creed that encourages students to think and act like wolves, learning to be true to themselves and demonstrate leadership while working collaboratively, like a wolf pack.

This initiative inspired two students to take on a passion project – they wrote a book about Horton’s life story called Horton Hears Our Howls, which follows the pattern of Dr. Seuss’s popular book Horton Hears Who. Students from various grades also contributed by providing illustrations and words of advice for Horton to become a more resilient wolfdog.

The book is now for sale at Windsong Heights and the Yamnuska Wolf Dog Sanctuary for $10. Proceeds will go towards supporting Horton’s continued care. Questions can be directed to Windsong Heights Learning Support Teacher Sherri Goodall.

Discover Airdrie published a story about Windsong and Horton the Wolfdog- read it now!

Windsong Heights Launches Book in Support of Sanctuary Wolfdog

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