Creating Effective Home Work Spaces

With so many people working from home, it's time to get creative with home-based offices and work spaces!

Plants and Flowers Make Spaces Look Nice - And They Put People in a Better Mood

Today's altered reality has presented some interesting challenges - to say the least! Many Albertans are now working and learning from home. But what if there's limited space in the house? How is it possible to create an effective and comfortable work space? It actually doesn't need to be overly complicated. Adding small, inexpensive accessories to a home-based work space can make all the difference, for both parents and students. Many people have created work spaces in their laundry rooms, basements and entry ways!

It's true that small spaces may be more challenging to work with, but getting creative can make it more fun! Why not add a few potted plants or flowers to the space? Research shows that plants and flowers make people happy and have a positive effect on mental well-being. And for the non-green thumbs, adding artificial plants have the same effect!

Looking for ideas on how to work with small spaces? Check out for some fun ideas!


Creating Effective Home Work Spaces

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